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Market Segmentation

Agency-Based Market: Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Korea)

Owing to customary expectations, Asian students tend to rely seriously on local agencies for studying abroad information, and their parents, who are strongly devoted to children’s educations. Thus when stepping in Asian market, the recruiters are not only dealing with student’s inquiries, but also need to intelligently marketing your institution to those parents and reduce parents’ concerns.   

Government Sponsorship: Middle Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi)

These Middle Eastern country governments have built wealthy educational support systems, they support their students studying abroad financially. A lot of their students receive government’s complete financial aid to study in the U.S., and they go back to serve their countries after graduating. In this area, overseas institutions can facilitate recruitment best by working with local schools.

Self-Applied Based Market: European countries (France, Natherland)

Owing to the number of schools of high educational standard in European countries, relatively few European students choose to leave Europe for study overseas; also, in the past, students of some European countries have had concerns regarding application for visas. So it is less common for these students to study in the U.S. or Australia. Further, the freewheeling style of these students is such that most of them would apply to schools on their own.

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